About DairyCARE

Our Validus Verification division holds the honor of being the first company to focus on objective, scored auditing for animal welfare. Validus, founded by Earl Dotson in 1995 and purchased by Where Food Comes From in 2013, is a recognized leader in animal welfare auditing in the dairy industry, and its programs are regarded as the gold standard today. The expanded Validus Verification Certification Programs for the Dairy Industry have three core areas—Animal Welfare Review, Environmental Review, and Worker Care Review—and a dairy achieving certification in all three areas earn use of the “CARE” logo.


Validus’ extensive and acclaimed experience  in the dairy industry gives DairyCARE the solid foundation necessary to help build long-term sustainability programs.  DairyCARE requires the very three pillars of caring for the animals, the environment, and people that Validus first understood many years ago.



"As we at McCarty Family Farms have worked toward improving our farms, our teams and ourselves, we have sought out groups that can help us in that journey
and the Where Food Comes From team has done just that.


Through the implementation of the DairyCARE program we have continuously improved the wellbeing of our cattle, our team members, our environment and our business. Being good stewards is our responsibility to the world and DairyCARE helps us achieve that."

Ken McCarty, McCarty Family Farms, Rexford, KS.

Standard available upon request. Please email info@wherefoodcomesfrom.com