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Retailers Committed to
CARE Certified

Where can you find sustainably raised meat products? 

We are excited to announce our very first retailer - Heinen's!

Heinen's values sustainable food production and they are committed to giving their customers
products that are raised sustainably, 
transparently and with integrity.  

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We Know Our Sources


Our story began in 1929 when Joe Heinen opened a butcher shop in Shaker Heights after discovering a passion for the trade. In 1933, Heinen pioneered the city’s first supermarket across the street from his butcher shop, selling traditional grocery items alongside hand-butchered meats. In the 1930s, bringing these two shopping experiences together was revolutionary in the grocery industry, but what truly set Heinen apart was his commitment to quality.


He operated on the belief that “You have to find the best to sell the best.” From sourcing, curing and smoking his own meats to partnering with local producers and growers for the freshest produce, Joe Heinen set standards that have stood the test of time.

Joe Heinen’s vision lives on 90 years later under the leadership of his grandsons, Jeff and Tom Heinen. Together, these third-generation grocers are focused on making Heinen’s relevant in the ever-changing industry through reimagining the traditional grocery store as a destination for quick and easy meals, fresh-overnight seafood, wellness guidance, dietary-friendly solutions and our traditional in-store butchers.

Although Heinen’s continues to evolve, some things never change. We strive to exceed the standards for customer service as well as build lasting vendor relationships that deliver quality and source-verified products. We also see our dedicated associates as one of our greatest assets and continuously reinvest in them, as they are what make shopping with Heinen’s memorable.






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