About CARE

Community of Agriculturalists who Respect the Earth.


Where Food Comes From CARE is a suite of sustainability standards that certifies participating farmers and ranchers are implementing best practices in animal husbandry, environmental stewardship and a productive engagement with their local communities and the people within them.

Both consumers and producers share a common interest in a transparent and sustainable food supply chain. In fact, most farmers and ranchers have an overwhelming desire to directly communicate with consumers about the care they take in raising their food. 

CARE values are rooted in a firm belief that farmers and ranchers are stewards of our natural resources. Given the opportunity to continuously improve sustainability practices and create a legacy, farmers and ranchers engaged in CARE have committed to sustainable practices for generations to come. 

CARE certification creates value by communicating the invaluable role that farmers and ranchers play in animal care, environment and their local communities.

CARE Pillars

CARE Standards

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Standard available upon request. Please email info@wherefoodcomesfrom.com