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These folks sell "direct-to-consumer," so you can place an order directly with them.  



Jean and Dave Gottenborg acquired the Eagle Rock Ranch in 2012. Ranching had always been a dream they had and boy has it come true. They live at the ranch and are 110% involved in the day to day operations. Dave and Jean are in charge of the herd, calving, treatment protocols, and haying…and everything else! Its a big job that has come along with a big dream. They enjoy spending time with their grandchildren (5 in total), skiing in the winter, and fishing from time to time.

Located in Jefferson, Colorado, ERR runs a herd of pure breed Black Angus cattle. There is never a “slow day” here at the ranch. Whether its Spring calving season, or late Summer haying season, the ranch life is a busy life, one in which we wouldn’t trade for anything. ERR feels blessed to see their cows give birth to a new generation of cattle each Spring. In the Summer, they take pride in growing and cutting their own hay to feed their cattle throughout the year. They believe in doing things the old fashioned way - and their mottos is “quality in everything we do”. There are no shortcuts, and they hope you will see that when you visit them - virtually or in person.



The Swickard Family has been ranching in Susanille, Cali. since 1852, first settling in the Santa Clara Valley. The family made the move north to Susanville in 1959 where they established Five Dot Land & Cattle Co.

“We are committed to providing the best tasting beef California has to offer while working closely to promote stewardship of the land in a sustainable, environmentally conscious manner," says Todd Swickard, CEO of Five Dot Ranch.



Located in high-desert Nevada, Perigo Hay & Cattle is a ranching and farming operation that prides itself on producing high quality beef and alfalfa.  Perigo Cattle strongly believes in the power of good genetics in their herds.  They pride themselves on taking excellent care of their animals. 




The Tucker family runs five generations deep. "Tuckered" away in Sweetwater, Okla., Granny T (97) lives on the same farm in the same house that her and her husband Earl bought when he came back from WWII. Their son Tommy and his wife Nelda along with Monte, Danielle, Reed and Mason raise cattle.  


Tucker Family Beef has been been offering their beef to consumers since 2003. They believe that good cattle + good feed + good care = a good eating experience for consumers. They say there's nothing more rewarding than hearing from customers that it's the best steak they've ever had!



The original Vera Earl Ranch was founded by our grandfather Burton Beck in 1968.  It was run, and still is, as a cow calf operation comprised of rolling grasslands and mountains. In 1977 Burton Beck unfortunately passed away and the ranch continued to be run by his wife Bettie Ann Beck until her passing in 1999. Mrs. Beck continued her husband’s dream  remaining on the ranch and continued to run the ranch as a cow calf operation and furthered his quarter horse operation.  






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