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Brands Committed to CARE

Consumers are demanding sustainability, 
and brands are committed to communicating it.

While your favorite brands may not have the CARE Certified logo on their packages (yet!), that doesn't mean that they haven't made a commitment to sustainability.  Implementing CARE Certified across an entire supply chain can take time, and you want it to take time because otherwise you would question the integrity of the program.  


Here you'll find brands that have committed to CARE Certified!

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You can find the full line of delicious Aspen Ridge® Natural Angus Beef products in USDA Prime and Choice. From ground beef, to roasts, to steaks and more, our product offerings deliver unbeatable quality.

Measuring quality, marbling, and more, the top USDA beef quality grades are indicators of a delicious eating experience. Tender and well-marbled, Aspen Ridge Natural Angus beef consistently produces a larger percentage of beef within USDA Prime and Choice grades, consistently providing consumers with high-quality, mouthwatering products.

Aspen Ridge was the very first beef brand to commit to CARE. They have been implementing CARE Certification into their supply chain since March 2020.

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Shandoah Valley Organic

Farmer Focus grew their first flock of turkeys in 2020.  This Thanksgiving, you can find CARE Certified turkey in the grocery store.



Tyson Fresh Meats

Tyson Fresh Meats is home to the brands that exceed expectations and ensure ongoing success.

Sustainability throughout the food system is fundamental to Tyson Foods’ core values.  Tyson “strives to serve as stewards of the resources entrusted to us.”  

Tyson committed to BeefCARE, along with many other sustainability related goals, in September 2020.

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Steak Program

44 Farms




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For over 180 years, Mangalitsa has been a hidden gem, a secret closely guarded by the Royal House of Hapsburg who created the breed. Sought after for its burgundy red meat, voluminous ribbons of silky white marbling and decadent, authentic flavors, this breed alone stands above and apart from all others because Mangalitsa delivers instant umami provided by its own heart healthy, monounsaturated fat containing a full spectrum of Omega fatty acids that are naturally free of trans fats. This is how pork was meant to taste.

Mangalitsa committed to CARE in October 2020.