Where Food Comes From’s IMI Global division has been working in the poultry industry for more than a decade, offering acclaimed third-party verification services, process verified programs, and development services. When our customers asked us to use our experience and expertise to develop a sustainability standard specific to the poultry industry, we created the PoultryCARE standard.

Consumers who purchase CARE Certified poultry products will know that they have been verified to this Standard.  Companies enrolled in this program are ensuring consumers of their commitment to their responsibility in assuring a sustainable future for all.

Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry

  • Poultry care and wellbeing policies and practices
  • Biosecurity and emergency preparedness protocols
  • Employee and grower animal care training
  • Poultry handling & transport
  • Animal health protocols
  • Environmental and housing conditions
Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

  • Land & water resources
  • Carbon sequestration and green house gas emissions
  • Animal productivity
  • Energy reduction
  • Waste management
  • Long-term strategy
People & Community

People & Community

  • Safe working environment
  • Fair compensation and treatment
  • Growth and development opportunities
  • Business and succession planning
  • Local community support